Conditions of use

    1. The terms used and described in this document and those referred to herein, have the following meaning:
      1. Account: it contains all the basic information regarding each User Profile: the name, last name, email address, date of birth and the access credentials;
      2. Contents: each and every kind of data and / or information which is different from the information (so as to give an example: data, images, written messages, links, music, etc.) in any form or transmitted mode, which the User shares with the Lender and / or other Users;
      3. Artist / s: the individual artist or group of artists / music band who by means of the Account of a representative / delegate, create one or more profiles and / or one or more Event pages;
      4. Bar/s-Nightclub/s: the location open to the public by means of an Account on behalf of its own representative / delegate who then creates one or more Profiles of the bar/nightclub and one or more Event pages;
      5. Information: all the general data and other information that regards the User including information related to the User's interactions with the Services;
      6. Event page: the relative page to an event created by an Artist or by a bar/nightclub;
      7. Lender: the person who represents the Service Provider Partnership Toks SRLs based in 33100 Udine, Via Superior n. 6, PI 02854750300, REA UD-293082;
      8. Profile: the whole of all or some of the information organized by the User around a given subject / object / purpose;
      9. Publish: action whereby the User shares information with the Lender or the other Users;
      10. Services / Services: individually or collectively, all the services offered by the Service Provider/Lender;
      11. Website: the website found at this address:
      12. Toks: the social network accessible only after registration via the site;
      13. User: any user of the Services who have registered to the site.
  2. SCOPE
    1. This document contains the contract terms and General Conditions applicable to the Services.
    2. The following terms here set forth shall apply to all Services unless otherwise specifically stated. They replace each and every agreement and any eventual further ones, although previously agreed upon between the Lender and the User. Whenever extra or additional contract conditions are provided for special services with respect to the present conditions, the same will be applied in addition to what is set forth below. In case of conflict between the present conditions and the additional ones, the additional conditions shall prevail. This present contract together with the registration, the registration confirmation and the general conditions related to the use of the Services, constitute the entire agreement between the User and the Lender regarding the object of this contract.
    3. The General Conditions were first written in the Italian language and then translated into several other languages including English, Spanish, German and French. You can view them by clicking on the icon on the website showing the chosen language. In case of conflict among the different translations, the Italian version with relative meaning shall prevail.
    4. The Services are offered exclusively to individuals who are at least sixteen (16) years old, otherwise it is forbidden to use the Services.
  3. Services - REQUEST MODE
    1. The Lender/Provider offers via the Internet multiple network services including the social network Toks
    2. Toks is the social network owned by the Provider that allows you to connect music fans, artists and bars/nightclubs. The interested Users can sign up and use the social network for free. Registration takes place in the manner described below. The User who wants to take advantage of Toks will have to fill in an on-line form to apply for the registration and services where you can also view the General Conditions by clicking on the relative button. Once the form has been filled in with the required data (name, surname, email address, date of birth) you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Services by means of clicking the point. The User then sends the request to the Lender/Provider by clicking the "Subscribe" button. At this point the contract between the Lender/Provider and the User is authenticated and the User shall assume the obligations and responsibilities set forth in the General Conditions of the Services. The contract lasts until the account is deleted by the User or the Lender. Afterwards, the User receives an e-mail at the address indicated on the form, which constitutes the registration confirmation and by means of which the contractual documents are supplied to the User. The User is encouraged to print a copy of the sent contractual documents and / or to store them on a durable medium of his choice. The User thus accepts that the confirmation of the information related to his/her registration as well as the text of the related General Conditions of Services and / or all the contractual documents referred to in this article, are sent exclusively via e-mail , at the same address declared to the Lender/Service Provider during the registration to the Service.
    3. The User can detect and correct any input errors before forwarding the registration request directly on the form page. It is therefore necessary to pay utmost attention to the data that is entered. For technical-computing reasons related to the functionality of the Services, the name, last name and email address given at registration can not be changed, while all other information can be changed on the "Edit Profile" button.
    4. The contractual documentation is stored and kept by the Lender/Service Provider in electronic form and made available to the User by means of a specific a request to the contacts for the User.
    5. The User may also request the service by using his/her account of other social networks (eg Facebook) thus, taking advantage of the social login mode. The User who chooses this registration mode is informed that the Service Provider, with his/her consent, receives from third social networks the following information: name and surname, date of birth, email and password.
    6. If the User is acting in the name and on behalf of third parties, including legal entities, associations, groups of people as in the case in which he/she creates profiles of Artists or Bars/Nightclubs, he/she thus declares under his/her sole responsibility of having full and legitimate representation power and being in charge and a delegate of this position. He is the sole and exclusive person held responsible towards the third parties for whom he/she acts, and these third parties assume all the obligations - regulated in these General Conditions – and underwritten by the User
    1. Each User, upon registration for service request, will have an associated Account which will be needed in order to use the service, accessible by means of the Site (or the various tools set forth by the Service Provider) using the credentials chosen by the User.
    2. Each user can create one or multiple profiles of which he/she is the sole owner and manager unless the User shares the profile with other Users. Profiles can relate to Artists and Bars/Nightclubs. The only person held responsible for Artist and Bar/Nightclub profiles is always and solely the person who has created them. From the Profiles, Artists/Bars/Nightclubs can create Event Pages and the sole person held responsible for these will be the User who created the Artist/Bar/Nightclub Profile.
    3. The main objective of Toks is to allow each User to interact with the other Users of this social network, thus, some information such as nicknames or specified names, profile images, activities carried out by the User on the profiles of other Users (such as comments, sharing links etc.) and User content are necessarily spread to other Toks Members. All other information you transmit to the Lender/Service Provider, are not widespread and are eventually communicated to third parties by virtue of the choices regarding personal data processing made by you in the relative, provided spaces.
    4. With the exception of the above mentioned information, all other User content and information can become public and therefore widespread and knowable, and shared with third parties together with Users of Toks, if the User wants this and manifests this by specifically choosing to make their own account and profile public by means of the appropriate button: "Publish". By choosing this in your settings, the User grants everyone, even people not registered to the Service, the ability to access and to use the information and the content of his/her Profile and associate that information and content to his/her Profile (meaning even his/her name and image). All content and information regarding the User in the public mode can be indexed on behalf of research engines
    5. Artist/Bar/Nightclub Profiles and Event Pages are always public. Artist/Bar/Nightclub Profiles are indexed by search engines and visible even on behalf of third parties ,non Users, without registration.
    1. Toks is a social network that allows the sharing of content and information among Users. These contents are recorded on / transmitted to Toks by the Users in different ways (via links, writing on message boards of Users, uploading image files from your PC to the web site).
    2. Each User hereby declares and guarantees to have all the necessary rights so as to: use the content (everything uploaded, transmitted, shared, and published in Toks), to be the owner of it and to recognize that he/she is solely responsible of it. The User has full control of his/her own content and much of his/her information, and thus can at any time intervene on the same by deleting it, changing it, updating it, etc.. .Regarding Information and Content, the User:
      1. grants the Lender/Service Provider (and third party trading partners) a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free license which is valid worldwide, to use, reproduce, store, distribute, create derivative works of, perform, display, distribute, publish, publicly perform and generally, carry out any activity related to the Services offered by the Service Provider, in any format and in any channel of information. This license terminates when the subscriber terminates his/her Account with the exception of the content and information that has been shared with third parties, and these third parties have not deleted them. In any case, the content may stay for a maximum of a thirty (30) day time period as backup copies, however, remain non visible to third parties;
      2. it allows each Service User a non-exclusive, royalty-free license which is valid worldwide, so to use, reproduce, store, publish, publicly perform, distribute, create derivative works of, display and create the content to the extent permitted by the functions offered by the Service and in accordance with the above mentioned regulations.
    3. The content is managed by the User in full awareness and autonomy. The Service Provider does not perform overseeing activities with respect to the User content thus, the Users are obliged to:
      1. not post any content and / or take up any actions or behavior contrary to the law and / or detrimental to the rights, ideas or orientations of other Users and not to engage in or promote illegal activities or intimidating, harassing, abusive, threatening, obscene, libelous, defamatory, or untrue behavior, which can bear nuisance or damage to others , nor take up any kind of conduct that violates the law;
      2. not disclose news and information which damages the privacy of other persons, such as, but not limited to: names and surnames of people, images, phone numbers, home addresses, email, etc.,
      3. not disclose confidential information and news regarding companies and other legal entities, such as, but not limited to, confidential and top secret information, information covered by trade secret, information that can not be disclosed publicly by the expressed will of the legitimate holder, etc.,
      4. not post any content that is of a pornographic nature or meaning, incitement to hatred and violence, harassment and / or praising discrimination of any kind (racial, religious, sexual, etc.).
      5. not post any illegal links and / or detrimental to the copyright law and the legislation regarding intellectual and industrial property such as bit-torrent, short url, or link referrals;
      6. not violate in any way, directly or indirectly, for example by means of advertising / sponsorship, industrial/intellectual property rights of third parties or of the Lender/Service Provider and to refrain from actions that could induce confusion among the Members or that could constitute acts of unfair competition or bear harm to third parties.
      7. The User is the only person to be held responsible for any kind of activity that is carried out by means of his/her Account.
    4. If a User, and in particular those with Artist/Bar/Nightclub Profiles, intends to collect personal data of other Users through the Services in any way and process them, he/she must comply with the applicable legislation and, in particular, create their own processing of personal data information and obtain the consent of the interested people
    5. The User acknowledges and agrees that any and all content that the User finds published and / or however present on the Site (including but not limited to: information, data, software, photographs, charts, videos, graphics, music, sounds, images, illustrations, designs, icons, texts) is protected by copyright and by the legislation which regulates intellectual and industrial property thus, protecting the rights of the owners of such content whether the Lender/Service Provider , other Users or third parties. Consequently, the User is obliged not to violate other people's property rights in any way./li>
    6. The User hereby authorizes the Lender/Service Provider and the other Members i) to use without any limitations, the User Information (eg. to write his/her nickname, his/her name etc.) and ii) to write comments and, in general, to insert content on the User's Profile or on the Event Pages created by the User.
    7. The user is aware of and accepts that the Service Provider may delete any content on the Site, including User content, at any time upon his/her sole judgment and without any prior notice to the User
    8. The User is aware of and accepts that on his/her own Profile, the content of the User and that published by the other Members with whom interaction by means of the Service has been created, will be visible.
    9. The User is aware of the fact that the use of the Services may expose him/her to the vision of content that could be considered offensive and/or unpleasant and that the use of this Service automatically implies the acceptance of this risk.
    1. The Services and notices related to the Services may contain references to products and services provided by third parties or links to websites or to third parties that have nothing to do with the site or with the Lender/Service Provider.
    2. The Lender/Service Provider has no control nor can supervise the services, interactions or content of third parties. Moreover, the Service Provider/Lender does not guarantee or assume any responsibilities concerning the content, information and / or services / interactions set forth by these third parties, nor can the Service Provider/Lender guarantee the completeness or accuracy of third party information. The User should properly read the terms and conditions regarding privacy policies of such third parties.
    3. Third parties may provide hyperlinks to the Site through hypertext links (link) only with the previous consent of the Lender/Service Provider who reserves the right to deny, at his/her sole judgment, to have permission to the link. It is severely prohibited to use techniques and / or practices designed to prevent recognition of authorship (framing) and furthermore, the so called deep hyperlinks are also prohibited (deeplink) and / or the use of unauthorized meta-tags.
    1. The User agrees:
      1. not to provide false information and untrue personal data and to make sure that their data and information is always correct and updated;
      2. not to set up an account on behalf of another person, not to create more than one Account and not to create another account without the consent on behalf of Toks, if the original account has been disabled;
      3. not to share or disclose to third parties your credentials for access to the Services or allow others to access your account, or carry out any other kind of actions that could put the security of your account at risk,
      4. to notify the Lender of any breach or risk concerning the safety and the improper or unauthorized use of your Account;
      5. not to transfer your Account to third parties without the prior written consent from Toks;
      6. to choose a nickname for your account that is not offensive and / or recalls phrases or words considered as insults or contrary to public morality and decency in any inappropriate way;
      7. to always act by abiding to the applicable laws and regulations, as well as the General Conditions of Services ;
      8. to not use content for marketing purposes and to not take on marketing actions, not even by using other Users' Accounts and / or other Profiles, nor to arrange the sending of junk mail, e-mail chains or unsolicited messages to groups of recipients, instant messages, spam, etc;
      9. not to ask passwords to other Users or their personal identifying information for commercial or illegal purposes that promote the propaganda of organizations declared illegal by the constitution or by the applicable law;
      10. to use the Services for the purposes for which they are offered and not to use them for illegal, misleading or discriminatory purposes or conducive to a use that is inconsistent with the purposes that inspire the logics, which are and remain the ones to create an environment of openness and exchange of music content, for example taking disruptive actions against other Users and/or the whole Toks community which can consequently and negatively affect the proper use of the Services for the other Users.
      11. not to put the security of the site and its Services in danger in any way together with the protection of the security of its Users by not modifying or altering the Site or its relative Services, and so to not upload viruses or other malicious codes, to not access the Site and / or Services, for example, by using automated tools, and to not carry out any actions that might impede, overburden, or impair the proper functioning of the Site and its Services,
      12. to intervene immediately in case of referral by another User regarding inappropriate content posted by immediately eliminating the inappropriate content wherever it is present (Profile, Post, Event Page etc.) and to not publish it again until you have definitely defined the dispute with the User. In case of disagreement the content shall not be published again for any reason,
      13. to not mention people who are not Members,
      14. to make sure you have the tools and a proper Internet connection to use the Services.
    1. The User is personally and solely liable under the civil and criminal laws regarding the Information and content inserted, communicated, published, shared, posted, etc by him/her and is held responsible for the use of the Services. He/She is liable for any actions or omissions carried out by him/her and for the lack of observing all obligations in accordance with these Terms of Services, and any other applicable Additional Terms for specific services, which could cause damage to others - including the Lender and other Users.
    1. In the Services, there may be commercial elements on behalf of the Lender/Service Provider, and/or of other Members and also business/third parties of the Lender. The User hereby agrees to visualize on their Profile and Event Pages, all content and advertising/commercial elements of any kind (advertisements, ads, advertising, various advertising materials of the Lender, and/or of his/her other trading partners and other Users , etc.).
    2. The User also authorizes the Lender to use the User's information and content in order to provide advertising. Moreover, the User authorizes the Lender to receive fees from third parties (advertisers, companies, etc.) in cash to show ads, listings and advertising material on the User Profile.
    3. Users can create advertisements on various topics using the methods made available by the Services. Each advert, sponsorship, commercial, event creation, etc. must comply with the advertising rules, limits and computerized systems made available. The Artists and Bars/Nightclubs, by means of the creation of their specific Event Pages, may carry out advertising only in relation to their events, shows, concerts, organized by them, or to which they are partners in or take part in the office programming/administration. It is forbidden to create Event Pages for third party events and not included among those described above.
    4. In the case where a User follows another User or an Event Page, he/she accepts that the User (or the owner of the Event Page) sends him/her notifications (email, banners, invitations etc.) related to the activities carried out and publishes content directly on his/her profile.
    5. the Lender is not liable for and does not assume any responsibility with regard to products, services, events etc. advertised and offered by third parties and by other Members. If a User keeps up relations with such third parties and other Users, he/she understands and accepts that the Lender/Service Provider has nothing to do with such relationships.
    1. The Lender/Service Provider owns the industrial and intellectual property rights of the intellectual/artistic creations and industrial findings (which are not limited to trademarks, patents, models, designs etc.) uploaded on the Site and thus, belong to him as does the Toks brand. All rights concerning both tangible and intangible properties and equipment are reserved.
    2. As mentioned above, all User content (phrases, images, music, etc.) belong to the User and are protected by the law. The other Users can use that Content solely in accordance with the General Conditions of Services.
    3. If the User is not sure whether certain content is authorized, he/she should not use it.
    1. Respect of the rights of others, including the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property, is a fundamental element for the Lender/Service Provider thus, anyone who feels that their rights may have been violated can:
      1. REPORT THE CONTENT OR THE PROFILE directly to the User who published the content or to whom the Profile belongs to or to the Event Page on which the content is located, by clicking on the flag present at the bottom of each Content Page or on the Profile box, and by stating the reasons why you believe your rights have been violated. The flag turns red and, automatically, the User is warned.
      2. Qualora non si ottenga tutela nel modo sopra descritto, l'Utente può SREPORT THE BREACH DIRECTLY TO THE SERVICE PROVIDER/LENDER by writing to the Contacts for the User and reporting the following information:
        • a description of the violated right (eg. the works protected by copyright);
        • a description of where the content that you claim is infringing your rights is located on the Site and by reporting the Profile link concerned;
        • name and surname , address, telephone number and e-mail address of the copyright owner or his legal representative;
        • a written declaration signed by the owner of the rights and / or by his/her legal representative stating that the disputed use/content is not authorized by the owner of the rights;
        • a statement, made under your own responsibility, that the above mentioned information present in your report is accurate and that the author is the owner of the infringed rights whether it concerns copyright or Intellectual Property rights that is to say, he/she is authorized to act on his/her own;
        • the type of violation found.
    2. By law, the Lender/Service Provider has no obligation of surveillance but has an obligation to act when he/she receives a report regarding the violation of rights.
    3. In any case, and particularly in the case of irrespective behavior reports, regardless the origin of and legitimacy of the same, the Lender/Service Provider has the right, without notice and in accordance with his/her sole discretion and choices, to intervene and remove the content, or obscure the Profile and / or Account, or suspend it and even eliminate it completely. The Lender/Service Provider may also always eliminate any Page Administrators and block their management.
    4. However, the Lender/Service Provider will permanently delete any Accounts or Profiles which are repeatedly the subject of infringement reports.
    5. In NO case can the intervention of the Lender/Service Provider, who decides to eliminate the content, or obscure a Profile and / or an Account, or even suspend or permanently delete one, constitute a breach of the obligations undertaken by him/her and thus, do not lead to the incurring of any right to claim damages or compensation among Users.
    6. The User who reports the violation of their rights on behalf of another User may, however, at any time turn to the competent authorities for the protection of their rights and legitimate interests.
    1. The User and any third party for which he/she acts, agrees to indemnify the Lender/Service Provider from any actions and/or requests from third parties for damages, losses, costs incurred by third parties caused by the use/misuse of the Services on behalf of the User as, for example but not limited to, activities carried out by the User when using the Services, the User content, non-fulfillment or breach of the User regarding his/her obligations and rules present in the General Conditions of the Services, the violation of the rights of third parties on behalf of the User, a breach of laws, regulations, orders of the Public Authority, together with misleading claims and untruthful information on behalf of the User which go against all principles of good faith that must govern the use of the Internet and new technologies.
    2. In any case, the User agrees to cooperate with the Lender/Service Provider in any indemnity issues.
    1. With exception of the provisions under art. 1229 cc, the Lender/Service Provider and his/her representatives and agents are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage undergone by the User or by third parties which take place following or on the occasion of the concluded contract with the customer, for example, damages arising from any loss of customers, sales, production, profit, image, goodwill, or any damage resulting from actions taken up by third parties against the User, or damage arising from the User Content or third party material found in the Services, including links to third-party websites, or by the activities carried out or publicized by the Users, or by updates, malfunctions, temporary or permanent cessation of services, from the misuse or non-use of the Services on behalf of the User, etc ..
    1. The Lender/Service Provider will keep the services updated, provide technical maintenance and carry out the configuration so as to improve and further develop features. The Lender/Service Provider has the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Services or access to the Services without any notice and without any liability arising from this.
    2. The User shall agree to use the Services as they are, with no guarantee regarding their constant and uninterrupted functioning or regarding the fact that the services may not meet the expectations and desires of the User and furthermore, he/she shall agree that the Services are rendered without safety guarantees.
    3. The services do not provide any backup activities of the Contents which may be lost, canceled, or deleted forever . Thus, it is the User's duty and obligation to keep a copy of the User content transmitted to the Lender/Service Provider and used in the Services.
    4. The Lender/Service Provider does not guarantee: i) that the use of the Services are free of errors; ii) that the User can achieve the desired results using the Services, iii) the accuracy, reliability or quality of any information content, services, advice, products, provided services made available through the Site.
    1. User WithdrawalIn accordance with the Consumer Code, the Lender/Service Provider must provide the User, since he/she is a consumer under that legislation, with the information concerning the withdrawal from a distant contract. The law generally authorizes that the consumer has the right to withdraw from a distant contract within 14 (fourteen) days from its conclusion without any reasons or costs, by simply informing the professional before the expiry of that period. As regards the Services offered by the Lender/Service Provider, the User may at any time (thus beyond the fourteen days) withdraw from the contract relating to the Services, for free and without notice. The withdrawal can be simply carried out by clicking on the "Delete account" button on the menu at the top right in the header of the website, which is available by clicking on the User button. By means of this action, the User deletes their account thus, any relationships with the Lender/Service Provider ceases. The Account deletion will erase all the profiles linked to it. The cancellation is final and eliminates all Content and User Information. If the User should want to use the Services again, he/she will have to take up a new account. Once the account has been canceled, the User can no longer access or use the Services and the account will not be accessible by other Users.
    2. Withdrawal on behalf of the Lender/Service Provider. With the exception of what has been established in the case of reported violations of other people's rights, the Lender may at any time, for free and without notice, terminate the contract with the User and put an end to the supplied Services. Consequently, the User can no longer access the Services, nor use them. The Account and all relative profiles will be deleted.
    3. Termination due to non-fulfillment. In accordance with art. 1456 of the Civil Code, if the User fails to fulfill even only one of the provisions established in the clauses in art. 7,8 and 9, this will be enough to terminate the Contract. The right of terminating the Contract will be carried out on behalf of the Lender/Service Provider by sending a notice of his decision via email to the address that the User supplied during his/her registration to the Site.
    4. In the case of failure in fulfilling duties/obligations agreed upon on behalf of the User, this will be enough to authorize the Lender/Service Provider to legally suspend his Services thus, taking away the legitimacy of the User to claim any rights or compensation.
    5. In the case of Account deletion, the User's personal data will be kept for the necessary time in order to carry out what has been established in the reference regulations. Concerning this specific issue, we invite the User to carefully read the present regulations which can be applied (the Legislative Decree 109/2008 which has changed the Legislative Decree 196/2003) and we therefore, invite the User to verify the established information in the following section: Privacy Notice.
    1. With the risk of consequent forfeiture, the User must relieve the Lender/Service Provider by means of a signed letter, of any complaint, exception, or claim regarding the Services and his/her relationship with the Lender/Service Provider by sending a written communication to the indicated addresses found in Contacts by and not after 6 (six) months from the Event to which the complaint,exception,or claim refers to.
    1. In case one of the regulations present in these General Conditions should be declared invalid or ineffective, the other regulations will remain valid and effective. The lack or incorrect application of one or more of the established clauses in the present General Conditions, does not grant renounce nor remission of rights or obligations linked to it/them, nor from the present General Conditions.
    2. The Lender/Service Provider has the right to modify everything and/or just a part of the conditions, terms and the way the Services are lent and then used, in any moment, acknowledging Users of the new terms and conditions by means of the Site. The use of the Services after the communication reception of the new terms, determines their integral acceptance on behalf of the User.
    1. The contract between the Lender/Service Provider and the User for what concerns the services and all contracts connected to them, are disciplined by means of the Italian law (which comprehends the legislative decree n. 206 of 6/09/2005 III Section- Title III - Chapter I (Consumers' Rights in Contracts), which represents our integral reference point for everything not explicitly expressed here.
    1. All Users are informed that, in respect of the EU Regulations n. 524/2013, in the case of controversy resolution regarding this present contract together with the on-line services offered on behalf of this site, there is the possibility to resort to the On-line Dispute Resolution procedure (ODR), provided by the European Commission and can be found by clicking the following link:
    2. Any controversies that should arise between the Lender/Service Provider and the User, regarding the validity, efficacy, interpretation, performance, and applications of the contracts concerning the Services concluded between them or related to them, shall be decided upon thanks to the regulations in effect in the Italian procedural and substantive law.
    3. All controversies concerning a non Consumer User in respect of the Consumer Code (the legislative decree of September 6, 2005, n. 206) will all be devolved to the jurisdiction of an Italian Judge under the exclusive judicial authority of the Court of Udine.
    1. The Lender/Service Provider has the right to transfer the contract rights of the Users to third parties. The User shall accept and authorize the transference before hand , which will be valid and put into effect at the moment of his/her registration and a notice concerning this matter will be sent to the email address used during registration.
    2. The User can not transfer the contract rights to anyone, concerning relative and concluded services with the Lender/Service Provider.
    1. The User can in any moment, contact the Lender/Service Provider at the following addresses: email:, pec:, address: Toks Srls Via Superiore n.6, 33100 Udine (UD).
    1. The User, at the moment of his/her request for the services and in any moment after that, may visualize the notice concerning Personal Data Processing by clicking here or by clicking the relative button present on this site.